Every story has more than one side

It's said that demons vanished; That the livings managed to exterminate them.
However...it's what they say...


Welcome to a world divided between entities, angels and demons, and livings. Where both sides seek for their own survivor, while try to keep the world in harmony, but such an utopic dream could be archieved?

Follow Envy on his daily life and learn about the mysteries and stories from such a place. From his point of view, discover allies and enemies, unveil their past. Be prepared as well to face his struggles and whatever this journey has to offer.

This webcomic is about a group of demons that rule over the seven deadly sins, going throught a bunch of events as they keep their territory in order. What kind events awaits for them..?
Well, only god knows...

7Deadly is a webcomic written and drawn by Ryuuki, with the help of Mike, creator of the comic Reversed, which I helped to develop as well. The comic has been published since 2017, usually updating a page once or twice a month and is publicly released on Saturdays.

About the comic

Webcomic name: 7Deadly
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural
This webcomic has Teen-rating, and I’d like to include a few warnings.

Things you SHOULD expect:

  • Swearing
  • Blood (gore and death)
  • Sexual themes, although nothing much will be shown to open public.
  • LGBT+ characters

Things you should NOT expect:
  • A ‘realistic’ world. I don’t plan to bring the problems of real life to this story.
    The world has a fantasy setting, and it has a different reality and culture, therefore different concepts.
  • This webcomic has no intention of attack or hurt any group or belief.
  • Discrimination will not be tolerated, no matter what kind.
  • 'Negative’ ideologies possibly shown in the story do not represent my views, please take in mind this is a work of fiction, and has no intention to represent, or influence reality.

If you’re fine with these conditions, feel free to read my comic. I hope you enjoy it!